Hello world!

So, this is the very first post on a spectacular new blog/magazine called The Weft.  Not gonna lie… pretty excited about this.  Mostly because of the phenomenal people who’ve agreed to attempt this adventure with me.  In fact, I am going to say ALL BECAUSE of the phenomenal people who’ve agreed to attempt this with me.

What is it that we are attempting?

Well, initially my goal was to create another blog for family and friends to read while I spend the next two years of my life in Mumbai, India.  Then I remembered the last two times I tried that and the pressure and the delays between posts and the general frustration.  I imagine my family’s frequent disappoint that no, I had not posted anything new in the last month.  So yes, I am  grateful for that record of my time.  And no, I do not want to repeat it.

Then I got to thinking about all of the creative women and men in my life and began to wonder what would happen if we all had a shared blog, a shared space.  Not just a status update or a filtered photo (though I absolutely anticipate posting a few of those myself), but somewhere to share the things we think, do, see, make.  Is this kind of a self-serving way to keep in touch with some of my favorite women?  Absolutely.  And you’re welcome.  You’re welcome that my self-serving plan might result in a really informative and gorgeous space on the internet.  And boy do we need some more of those.

So there it is.   The Weft.