A day late and a post short…

Forgive me.  School officially starts tomorrow, and I spent Wednesday through Saturday in bed fighting for my life (102 degree fever ain’t nothin’ ta… well, you know) .  The Stomach Demon has been vanquished.  Please accept my photos in lieu of written work.

Not all photos are mine.  Some credits go to Kyla.


One thought on “A day late and a post short…”

  1. Hi, Maggie. It’s Kathleen here. I had to prevail upon Tom to reach your site, because I am not on Facebook. But I have been lobbying for you to send thoughts and views from Mumbai, albeit through your
    mom. I am so looking forward to them. I hope I told you how very much I loved your old “un quilombo” blog. So, Thanks!
    I hope you are feeling alive again, and enjoying your classes.


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