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I am a nomad, great at building a life, not so great at maintaining one. Im in a new city, a second chance. Different home, same goals, different friends, same hopes.

Its been a good week

Its been a good week.

After my trip to Nanjing I feel refreshed and like I have a purpose. I know what I am teaching and how to teach it.

Hong Kong is my home. I feel it and I’m living it.

I have friends who support me and are rooting for me.

I have a good workout routine and feeling fit once more.

I got my haircut to match a new me and I am excited by it.

I have 4 more weeks till holiday.

Though I am feeling a high right now, I know that I can survive any low.


Single Living


I want to write about something that is on my mind a lot. After 4 countries in 4 years I have had a lot of experiences, most I would never trade for anything. These experiences have largely been solo adventures. Here and there I make friends and meet people to share my experiences with. Its a given that there will always be new people to meet, new people to explore. Its a privelge to do what I want to do when I want to do it. Not single I know my life and my experiences would be unparralled. I can’t wait for the new people who will come into my life..

Goals for November

My mom has been visiting this week. It has been amazing, stressful, wonderful, tiring but absolutely necessary. She has loved my apartment and my little neighborhood. I was a little tourist in my home and saw this city through my mothers eyes. We visited a Buddha and I found some serenity that I’ve searched for in my life. I would like to explore Buddhism and am looking for a temple or community to visit. My mother’s visit has set up my writing for the month of November. After three months in Hong Kong and two more before my holiday break I think it’s a good time to set some goals. My mom’s presence helps me define my personal goals. I want to have friends. Good friends. Friends that I can watch a movie with and eat dinner. Friends that I feel less anxious about giving my time to. I want some spirituality on my life. For the month of November I’m going to be writing about my Personal Goals, Professional Goals, Traveling Goals, and Consumer Goals.

Also this is what I wrote after my Autumn break:

I have had holiday this week and it’s been bliss. I’ve had time to myself to enjoy. My city and

reset so that I feel prepared for the coming quarter. My mother is visiting in 1 week and that

just makes everything that much sweeter. What did I do this holiday? Well, I started by going

on a Secret Island Party and doing a little dancing but mostly observing. Hong Kong is filled with

30ish bankers and business people who feel a need to prove their hipness while working for the

“man”. It’s an interesting contrast to the Cape Town mentality of living for the moment

supported by the privileges that afford this mentality. If I seem negative I don’t mean to. It’s

just interesting to see different iterations of millennials at play. Next I enjoyed cocktails in my

neighborhood with a coworker and a friend of hers who just passed by. It confirmed my love of

my neighborhood. It’s called Tai Hang and not only can you get scrumptious food in its many

restaurants in the grid but you can get your car fixed too! I want a neighborhood that I can

enjoy but that also provides unexpected delights. I believe that the best cities are a “moveable

feast” and Hong Long is starting to reveal where I can go. I spent some time working hard on

my classes.

Joy of Showing Someone Your New Home

Today my Mother comes to Hong Kong. My mom is my best friend. When something good happens she is the first person I want to contact. When something bad happens she is the first person I want to speak to.

When I lived in other countries, my life in those countries changed when I had the opportunity to share the country with someone I loved.

Having the opportunity to show someone around your new home forces you to pick out what you love about your new place. You move from being the foreigner to being the expert.

I hope that I can provide a good experience in Hong Kong. I hope that I show her everything important. I hope that I feel proud of what I have accomplished so far and that my Mom is proud of what I have done in this city. I have a lot riding on this visit.

Stay tuned for next week for a reflection on her visit.

A much needed break

After today I will be on holiday for a week. I am so excited for the opportunity to recharge and restart. My year has been challenging so far. I think its been harder than I had anticipated both in terms of moving to a new country and starting at a new school. I am looking forward to starting again but with a lot more knowledge and understanding of how the school runs and what my life looks like routine wise.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the path that learning takes. Every Tuesday I ride the tram to my rugby training. I leave my house at 7pm, on the tram at 7:10. This route has become more and more familiar and I am almost able to visualize where I am in the city and be able to tell whats coming next. School has been kind of the same. We are on a two week schedule and instead of never knowing what class I am teaching the next day I am starting to be able to make a guess. Unfamiliar becomes familiar becomes learned.

I am ready for more routines, more familiarity. My mother will come visit in November and it will give me an opportunity to show the city and my life off. I am ready for this to happen.

After 3, what do I see?

I’ve been lax in my commitment to this blog and for that I apologize! When I first decided that Friday was going to be my day, I envisioned it as the beginning of my social butterfly adventures in Hong Kong. Instead my life here is filled with work, commuting, and making friends. Before one can be a social butterfly I forgot that I needed friends. Hong Kong at this moment is overwhelming me. There is so much to do and so much I want to see but I feel overwhelmed to do this exploring on my own. It has been exactly 3 months since I landed in Hong Kong. In 3 months I have:

  • Started teaching 2 new courses for 2 different programs
  • Found an apartment and moved in on my own
  • Bought a phone
  • Jumped off a cliff
  • Played beer pong on a roof overlooking the harbor
  • Participated in a Junk (boat party every Hong Konger engages in during summer)
  • Celebrated my 28th Birthday
  • Went to a Buddhist Nunnery
  • Got internet at my house
  • Got my hair dyed a dark brown, first time in 10 years
  • Camped
  • Hiked

My experiences have been plentiful and looking forward I really just am excited to keep living