A day late and a post short…

Forgive me.  School officially starts tomorrow, and I spent Wednesday through Saturday in bed fighting for my life (102 degree fever ain’t nothin’ ta… well, you know) .  The Stomach Demon has been vanquished.  Please accept my photos in lieu of written work.

Not all photos are mine.  Some credits go to Kyla.


Smalltalk, a Recipe

This works best with fresh
ingredients though sometimes you have no choice
but to rely on old standbys.
Your finished product will have a decidedly different taste.

Pull out the words. They’re in there somewhere,
try the crisper.
Wash them well; pick off the grit and slimy bits
you don’t want to offend with dirty produce

If you’re feeling inspired, add in some personal connection
for color
Slice into bite-sized pieces, it needs to be easy to swallow

Sprinkle some shared misery. It keeps well and comes in different flavors
Nothing too strong, just enough to keep the conversation mildly
interesting without inviting indigestion

Finally, squeeze a smile to bring it all together.
Gut it with a fork to get the last drop.
Toss with wooden spoons

Enjoy on its own for a light and healthy snack.
Or serve with substance and humor, debate or discussion
for a more filling meal

A week and a half

Has it only been a week and a half?  It feels like so much longer.  Maybe it’s all the brunches.  Seriously, there have been SO MANY BRUNCHES.  I skipped a brunch because I was overwhelmed by all the brunches.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  Apparently it is.  In addition to learning that I can actually have too much brunch, I have managed to accomplish some other things in the last week and a half.  One of the things I did not accomplish was taking any particularly interesting photos.  Whoops.  Here are some things that I did accomplish.

During this last week and a half I have…

…developed a solid sense of direction in and around my neighborhood.

…purchased 7 plants.

…not adopted a single stray cat.

…started a waving friendship with woman on the balcony across from mine.

…begun to tell time by the calls to prayer.

…been woken up by the ravens on an almost daily basis.

…hired a housekeeper.  (Yes, that’s correct.  I have a housekeeper, and she’s amazing.)

…made some teacher friends.

…walked down Carved Wooden Things Row and found that handmade wooden furniture is now well within my budget.

…rediscovered the meaning of traffic.

…caused one person to gasp in shock.  (To be fair, she stopped right in front of me and turned, so I nearly bumped into her.)

…been continually surprised and impressed by the vision and day to day practices of this school.

I have also finally taken a photograph of my living room worth sharing, so here it is.  Promise to take more interesting photos from somewhere other than my apartment for next week.  🙂


The View

Monsoon Season

roof with a view
roof with a view

It’s hard to look at more than my feet lately.  I’ve spent the last three days with my face tilted forward, not towards my smartphone, but towards my feet and the murky puddles on all sides.  You see, it is monsoon season in Mumbai, and I am new to this.  Today I worked on keeping my chin up, scanning for puddles in the distance.  Planning.  Someday, I think, I will walk effortlessly down this uneven sidewalk, dodging puddles and people with the grace of That French Woman that Kate talks about, perfectly placing each black stiletto heel on the welded metal joints of a Parisian Metro grate.


Until then, this is what I saw when I did  look up… a couple views from my first three days in Mumbai.

Good morning
Good morning
every morning the pigeons wait for my neighbor to wake up and feed them breakfast
kitchen window – every morning the pigeons wait for my neighbor to wake up and feed them breakfast
South Mumbai from the rooftop, today's latest discovery
South Mumbai from the rooftop, today’s latest discovery

Hello world!

So, this is the very first post on a spectacular new blog/magazine called The Weft.  Not gonna lie… pretty excited about this.  Mostly because of the phenomenal people who’ve agreed to attempt this adventure with me.  In fact, I am going to say ALL BECAUSE of the phenomenal people who’ve agreed to attempt this with me.

What is it that we are attempting?

Well, initially my goal was to create another blog for family and friends to read while I spend the next two years of my life in Mumbai, India.  Then I remembered the last two times I tried that and the pressure and the delays between posts and the general frustration.  I imagine my family’s frequent disappoint that no, I had not posted anything new in the last month.  So yes, I am  grateful for that record of my time.  And no, I do not want to repeat it.

Then I got to thinking about all of the creative women and men in my life and began to wonder what would happen if we all had a shared blog, a shared space.  Not just a status update or a filtered photo (though I absolutely anticipate posting a few of those myself), but somewhere to share the things we think, do, see, make.  Is this kind of a self-serving way to keep in touch with some of my favorite women?  Absolutely.  And you’re welcome.  You’re welcome that my self-serving plan might result in a really informative and gorgeous space on the internet.  And boy do we need some more of those.

So there it is.   The Weft.