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Some have said “we have nice kids.”

As though that differentiates them from the other kids?

It does.

And it doesn’t.

Four days of school and I was floored.

Floored by how obviously phenomenal these kids’ educational experiences had been.  By how quickly they trusted.  By my full pencil basket at the end of the day.

Scarcity is not a problem here.

I feel foolish as I hoard school supplies.  Habits of necessity are hard to break.

Someone mentioned the Galapagos.

THIS, I think.

They are Galapagos students.

Actively learning, harmoniously engaging because their educational experiences have been specifically and successfully designed for THIS.

And why not?  When THIS is what you know… why not?

They are nice kids.  And so are the ones who used to walk out the door with my pencils.

photo credit: Mangrove arch 02 via photopin (license)



A day late and a post short…

Forgive me.  School officially starts tomorrow, and I spent Wednesday through Saturday in bed fighting for my life (102 degree fever ain’t nothin’ ta… well, you know) .  The Stomach Demon has been vanquished.  Please accept my photos in lieu of written work.

Not all photos are mine.  Some credits go to Kyla.

The View

Monsoon Season

roof with a view
roof with a view

It’s hard to look at more than my feet lately.  I’ve spent the last three days with my face tilted forward, not towards my smartphone, but towards my feet and the murky puddles on all sides.  You see, it is monsoon season in Mumbai, and I am new to this.  Today I worked on keeping my chin up, scanning for puddles in the distance.  Planning.  Someday, I think, I will walk effortlessly down this uneven sidewalk, dodging puddles and people with the grace of That French Woman that Kate talks about, perfectly placing each black stiletto heel on the welded metal joints of a Parisian Metro grate.


Until then, this is what I saw when I did  look up… a couple views from my first three days in Mumbai.

Good morning
Good morning
every morning the pigeons wait for my neighbor to wake up and feed them breakfast
kitchen window – every morning the pigeons wait for my neighbor to wake up and feed them breakfast
South Mumbai from the rooftop, today's latest discovery
South Mumbai from the rooftop, today’s latest discovery