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Some have said “we have nice kids.”

As though that differentiates them from the other kids?

It does.

And it doesn’t.

Four days of school and I was floored.

Floored by how obviously phenomenal these kids’ educational experiences had been.  By how quickly they trusted.  By my full pencil basket at the end of the day.

Scarcity is not a problem here.

I feel foolish as I hoard school supplies.  Habits of necessity are hard to break.

Someone mentioned the Galapagos.

THIS, I think.

They are Galapagos students.

Actively learning, harmoniously engaging because their educational experiences have been specifically and successfully designed for THIS.

And why not?  When THIS is what you know… why not?

They are nice kids.  And so are the ones who used to walk out the door with my pencils.

photo credit: Mangrove arch 02 via photopin (license)